Introducing MECARS: Mileage Expense Capture And Reporting Service

The Powerful and Scalable Mileage Expense Automation Solution.


MECARS SaaS provides extremely useful features, such as automated mileage calculations, simple and intuitive user interfaces, and extensive reporting capabilities!

Automate and Enhance Mileage Data Capture and Reimbursement Processes
  • Eliminate guesswork, estimates, underpayments, and overpayments
  • Replace travel ledgers and record reconstruction with a Smart Phone App

Create consistent Travel Expense Data with MECARS Validated, Audit-Trail Accuracy
  • Simplify IRS mileage / expense processing with automated documentation
  • Systematically prevent inaccurate or fraudulent claim submissions

Shift into ‘Drive” to Plug Productivity Leaks that Limit Sales Effectiveness
  • Keep “Road-Warriors” focused on sales activities to grow and sustain Revenues
  • Shed Administrative burdens that consume valuable snippets of selling time

Power Up your entire ‘Revenue Supply Chain’ Performance
  • Create more time to prospect and exploit telephone contacts
  • Sales Force Automation that actually expands productive selling time

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Mileage Expense Capture and Reimbursement
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MECARS is an extremely useful service designed for the sales professional, mid-level managers and company executives.

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MECARS provides mileage expense automation solution for business trip reimbursement

The MECARS application can separate out business trips, rental car trips and personal trips that are made during travels so as to identify the reimbursable trips from the non-reimbursable ones. The details of the reimbursable trips like the mileage travelled along with expenses incurred along the way can be logged easily so as to reimburse the traveler for the expenses incurred during the business trips.
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MECARS provides mileage expense automation solution for business trip reimbursement