Mileage Expense Capture and Reporting Service (MECARS) is a smartphone application designed for the mobile (out of office) professional. MECARS solves a problem for three different departments within an organization that has mobile workers:

1. Mobile professional that needs to record the mileage driven for reimbursement requests.

  • MECARS uses an extremely easy and intuitive user interface to collect data from your starting location to your ending location.
  • MECARS calculates the actual miles driven, less any daily commute mileage, to ensure accurate mileage expense reimbursement submissions.
  • MECARS automatically uploads the mileage into the Enterprise Data Collection application, eliminating the weekly task of filling out a mileage report.
  • MECARS provides for end of year summary information, suitable for calculating mileage information for tax returns.

2. The Sales manager that receives mileage expense reports from employees.

  • MECARS collects all mileage data, along with the dates and times of each trip, and provides summary report for weekly approval by the management team.
  • Eliminates the requirement for managers to audit every line item of a submission.
  • Ensures all mileage expense reimbursement requests are timely, eliminating any delay in sales teams submissions.
  • Ensures that only actual trips taken are reimbursed, and any daily commutes from home to office are calculated correctly.

3. The Executive Management team.

  • Ability to understand how many sales calls are being made by any sales person.
  • Ability to understand how many sales calls are being made to any one customer, and correlate that information to sales/revenue results.
  • Ability to collect travel time, and invoice customers based on actual travel time, and also actual time spent on-site during an engagement.
  • Ensure that sales teams are actually making the sales calls they say they are making.

Individual Persona’s for Different Workers:

Mobile Worker
Automated logging reduces time otherwise spent on non-productive administrative tasks (entering addresses, mileage recording, toll receipt collection, filing of mileage expense reports), increasing worker time available for more productive tasks. Tracks both business and personal use, and provides automated IRS documentation.
Mobile Worker Management
Provides accurate tallies of mileage, locations, time logs, and toll expenses; confirms # of field visits, # visits/customer, duration of visits, travel time vs facetime, and other management metrics. Creates real-time record log and delivers expense reports in timely manner.
Simplified auditing of mileage, tolls, and times input from employees rather than relying on self-reporting systems; automatically deducts daily commute mileage as appropriate.
Provides raw, accurate data for productivity analysis, including operations efficiency assessment, returns on customer investments, mobile force performance, and fraud prevention and detection. Can optimize where work force spend its time vs enterprise goals.
Human Resources
Accurate mobile worker documentation for record-keeping, performance reviews, and risk management.